A process which involves making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant, This is done in order to ensure that the object/structure remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions.

Waterproofing methods differs on the basis of the requirement of the structure & the area to be waterproofed. These methods range from the Conventional brick bat coba system, Chemical Coatings & Membranes.

NTP conducts on site inspection first in order to understand the extent of waterproofing needs to be done. After conducting inspection NTP designs the specifications & then draws out a plan appropriate for the given condition.

While on one hand NTP is being know for executing waterproofing projects successfully on the other hand most of the products used are made by NTP. And use of NTP formulated products has given us 100 % success rate. The need for using NTP formulated products was felt as over the years we noted that many a times it has been noted that some of the readily available products may not suffice 100% to the requirement of the structure. Thus, we started formulating our own products, in a small way to bridge the gap & offer holistic solutions to deliver fool proof waterproofing systems to our Clients. This is done under the name of " Krishna Concare Pvt. Ltd." , Ahmedabad.

Brick Bat Coba

One among the oldest & the conventional method of waterproofing of flat roofs. Brick Bat Coba method involves laying of brick bats on the slab which is covered with cement sand mortar or final finish of broken pieces of tile ,(more popularly known as china chips finish) as desired by the client.

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Waterproofing by Membranes

A waterproofing membrane is a thin layer of watertight material, that is laid over the surface that needs to waterproofed. This layer is continuous & does not allow water seepage. These membranes could be laid on roof of any shape or terrace without breaking. These membranes are designed considering various factors such as structural movement,

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Specialized Waterproof Coatings

These are liquid applications formulated & specified for certain user specific requirements. Such as coatings for protection against efflorescence, coatings for water repellence etc.

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