Facade Painting

Almost all façades have the issues of hairline cracks & porosity spots. These are the major weak areas or rather sources of water seepage. If these are not timely & properly attended, lead to deterioration of the external surface & eventually the structural members due to the deep penetration of water. These kind of surfaces also attract algae formation, vegetation growth, needless to say that it damages the structure by deep penetration of the roots & keeps the surface damp all the time. Considering the above problems, We at NTP have formulated specialized external coatings, suitable to our climatic conditions, based on Silicon Resin Emulsion. SRE coating provides water repellency, high water vapor permeability, low water absorption, UV resistance, lotus effect & excellent extended life. The façade coated with this emulsion has high endurance & great durability. One more added advantage of this coating is, this can be pigmented to the desired shade & therefore additional cost of painting is avoided. Thereby saving the time as well as money.